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Provide your family with a financial savings plan

in case of a health emergency,

for those bills that Have to get paid.

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Hi, I'm Teresa.

After my own experience with my youngest ​daughter, I know all the right ways to get your ​family prepared where you want it to be.

Let's put a financial back up plan in place for your ​families success, together!

Are you afraid of financial debts ​when it comes to a Health scare?

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You're....not prepared for all those indirect costs.

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Afraid....You won’t be able to pay your monthly household bills?

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Worried....You have to choose to pay your heat bill or buy groceries?

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“...I was busy and asked if they ​could come back later. I should have ​taken the time to listen because at ​the end of Aug, my husband ended ​up have some major heart ​issues,...if I would have signed up I ​would have received thousands of ​dollars more than the current ​company I have. My husband is fine ​now but that extra money sure ​would have helped!” ~Cindy F

“We bought our policies several ​years ago hoping we wouldn’t have ​to use them. In Dec 2021 my ​husband was injured in a farming ​accident and injured serverly. Our ​agent came and helped us with our ​claim and within 10 days we ​received our checks totaling more ​than $89,000. We were very happy ​we had those policies.” ~Luella F

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“ soon as the waiting period for ​the cancer policy took effect, my son ​was diagnosed with Leukemia. ​During the nearly two years of his ​treatment, the help I received ​allowed me to be able to afford ​making the trips back and forth to ​Salt Lake. Including expenses of ​fuel, hotel and food, while away from ​work. I could focus on him rather ​than finances and allowed me to ​make the experience as easy as I ​could for my son...” *$138,850.40 ​~Kylen A

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